Sadly, we’re back home


New Ori­gin front­man Mica Meneke at Party.San

Well, the five week tour is over. Boy, do I have some sto­ries to tell – not to men­tion pho­tos to show.

In fact, the first set of band pho­tos from Party.San day 1 are up on Metal As Fuck right now, fea­tur­ing French black met­allers Mer­ri­mack, Dutch black met­allers The Devil’s Blood and Swedish black met­allers Watain – it was a very black day indeed!

I’m not fin­ished writ­ing up my tour diaries yet – we’re still try­ing to cope with jet­lag and the strange decrease in blood alco­hol lev­els – but as soon as they’re done, I’ll be post­ing them here.

We’re already think­ing about next year. I would really, really, really like to go to Met­al­camp in Slove­nia as I’ve pre­vi­ously posted, but because it’s so much ear­lier in the year than the other fes­ti­vals, we’d need to take a com­pletely dif­fer­ent approach and maybe miss Wacken altogether.

It’s still a long way off though!

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Wacken wear for the ladies

Today we have a guest post from the fab­u­lous and always styl­ish Zoe Zom­bie. You can also read more of her stuff on Quite Lovely.

My expe­ri­ences from Wacken 2008 will for­ever stay with me. Not bring­ing trousers was THE worst mis­take of my life. Appar­ently, the only trousers they sell at the Wacken mar­kets are leather and I wasn’t about to fork out the dosh for a pair. So I shiv­ered the nights away. Next time, I thought as I was moments away from freez­ing to death (I’m being dra­matic of course, it makes for a good story) I am not going to put myself in that posi­tion again. So now I am going to be smart about it and take my years of fes­ti­val expe­ri­ence into con­sid­er­a­tion and PACK ACCORDINGLY.

Metal fash­ion is com­pletely male-centric. That usu­ally leaves us with shirts that are too big or we go the com­plete oppo­site way — fish­nets and tits. I’m totally fine with women doing either but I don’t. I don’t believe that look­ing trashy is nec­es­sary (because not every­one loves see­ing that pim­ple on your ass being squeezed through those fish­nets). On the other hand, look­ing and dress­ing like a dude shows com­plete lack of self confidence.

So ladies, I hereby intro­duce to you some­one you may know. Her name is Sarah Con­nor. Not Sarah Con­nor Ter­mi­na­tor 2. Or even Ter­mi­na­tor 1. OH GOD NOTHE HAIR. I’m talk­ing Ter­mi­na­tor: The Sarah Con­nor Chron­i­cles. Why? Because it’s a lit­tle more mod­ern, it’s not slutty and it’s not too manly. It’s a per­fect exam­ple of how you CAN dress at Wacken. Not just for looks but for prac­ti­cal­ity. That’s right, I’m not a com­pletely shal­low woman. If you’ve never watched the show, I sug­gest you acti­vate some down­load­ing action now. And if you have watched the show and per­haps have a few episodes legally or ille­gally lying around on your com­puter have a quick look at them now.

Sarah’s cloth­ing is quite mil­i­tary (which is appar­ently super-duper in right now): boots, trousers, tank top and some­times a leather jacket. There are always vari­a­tions, there may be belts here or there. Her boots change but they are always boots. And she’s either wear­ing jeans, leather pants or pants with lots of pock­ets depend­ing on the day. So here’s what you can take from dress­ing like a fic­tional char­ac­ter and con­vert it into Wacken Wear.

  • Lay­ers: These will save you from the crazy weather which has been known to go from boil­ing hot to freez­ing cold and rain­ing in not much time at all. A cou­ple of tank tops, a shirt, long sleeved top and jacket. Easy to carry around with you and stops you hav­ing to go to your tent dur­ing the day to make (what I like to call) cos­tume changes.
  • Bot­toms etc: Jeans are only prac­ti­cal when it’s not rain­ing. Oth­er­wise, if it looks like rain I sug­gest trousers that dry eas­ily or work the tights-under-shorts combo. It’ll also help keep your undies dry if you don’t have a garbage bag to put over yourself.
  • Boots: Boots are a must and the higher up your leg, the bet­ter. If it rains, you could very well find your­self in mud. Sarah usu­ally wore boots with buck­les or exposed zips but over-the-knee options are always fun. I would stay away from PVC or patent leather unless you want to look like a strip­per. Sarah’s boots are always FLAT. Don’t wear heels unless you want to help aer­ate the grass or sink in the mud. Wedge/platform boots to be worn at your own risk (the ground isn’t exactly flat). And most impor­tantly, make sure they are com­fort­able as you will be stand­ing for long peri­ods of time. Ones that you can pull on or zip up are the most practical.
  • Acces­sories: I am not really one to acces­sorize at Wacken because this requires effort and more lug­gage. Also, no one cares. But if you must, I would stick with belts and very min­i­mal jewelery.
  • Bags: Bags at fes­ti­vals annoy me but if I’m going to be out all day I need a place to keep my water, med­ica­tion, pass­ports etc. And I am NOT one to wear pants with lots of pock­ets. Make sure it’s a bag that goes over your shoul­der and you can keep it close to your body so you don’t bash peo­ple with it. Sarah rarely uses bags (she’s cool like that) but if she does, it’s a brown leather mes­sen­ger bag.

Yes, you can look awe­some and be prac­ti­cal at Wacken. It just takes thought, con­sid­er­a­tion, mul­ti­ple tank tops and episodes of Ter­mi­na­tor: The Sarah Con­nor Chronicles.

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Lineup conflict: Soulfly vs Despised Icon


Sat­ur­day, 11:15pm – 12:15am, True Metal Stage: Soulfly

Sat­ur­day, 11:40pm – 12:15am, W.E.T. Stage: Despised Icon

On the one hand, it’s Soulfly and as far as I’m con­cerned, lit­tle Max Cav­alera can do no wrong.

On the other hand, I like Despised Icon a lot and they’re said they’re call­ing it quits after their cur­rent tour­ing commitments.

But Soulfly are tour­ing Aus­tralia in Sep­tem­ber. And I’ve seen them live at least twice before.

But we’re see­ing Despised Icon at Sum­mer Breeze, which was sup­pos­edly their last ever show until they announced Trois-Rivieres Met­alfest in Canada in Octo­ber. And even if they announced more shows, it’s unlikely we’ll see them in Australia.

Both bands have a ten­dency to be maligned by metal elit­ists — Soulfly for their nu-metal lean­ings and Despised Icon for being totally unashamedly death­core. But I really don’t care — I love both bands and I’m crushed that they’re both on at the same time.

Some videos to help you decide: Soulfly’s new video for Rise of the Fallen which I absolutely fuck­ing love love love:


Despised Icon’s Day of Mourn­ing:


Deci­sions, deci­sions: Soulfly or Despised Icon?

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Your entry is now waiting for our go


Good news for one mem­ber of the Blitzkrieg camp this week – my Wacken media accred­i­ta­tion came through, with pho­topass! This means I can take my SLR cam­era every­where and take a TON of pho­tos for Metal As Fuck and that makes me very, very happy indeed. Now the mighty Tish is going to line up some inter­views. I’ve ordered a fancy pants new dig­i­tal recorder which will hope­fully work a bit bet­ter at fil­ter­ing out back­ground noise than my dodgy MP3 player did last year.

She’s also try­ing to get accred­i­ta­tion for Party.San and Sum­mer Breeze. The Party.San online appli­ca­tion came back with some funny and con­fus­ing mes­sages includ­ing “your entry is now wait­ing for our go” and “You will receive an email if we have processed it”. So now we wait — for their email and their “go” (maybe).

Fin­gers crossed!

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Lineup conflict: Unleashed vs Crucified Barbara


It’s the bat­tle of the Swedes!

On Sat­ur­day after­noon at Wacken, my first con­flict comes up: Swedish viking met­allers Unleashed, or Swedish chick rock­ers Cru­ci­fied Bar­bara.

On the one hand, I very much like Unleashed – I reviewed their lat­est, As Yggdrasil Trem­bles, for Metal As Fuck ear­lier this year and found it very like­able. In fact, I even noted:

The riffs are catchy, as are the cho­ruses. Drum­mer Anders Schultz pushes every­thing along at a nice mid-pace that would suit fist pump­ing and wind­milling – I bet these guys are great fun live”.

Watch this live clip of the title track and tell me the cho­rus doesn’t kinda sound like “Ital­ians of the world, are you ready?”


Cru­ci­fied Bar­bara, on the other hand, also seem like they might be good to see live. I have a thing for chick metal too.

Check out Rock N’ Roll Bachelor:


AND, they do a rockin’ cover of Motorhead’s Killed By Death.

Argh, deci­sions deci­sions! What do you think?

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The Merch Rush


Unless you can get in line when the Wacken mer­chan­dise stands open on the Wednes­day after­noon before the fes­ti­val offi­cial starts, your chances of get­ting the Wacken tshirt of your choice in your size (unless you’re an XL man) start to dive pretty rapidly. Prob­lem is, every­one has the same idea and it’s not uncom­mon to wait in a hot crush of stinky peo­ple for 45 min­utes or more (the photo above is me doing just that in 2008). Hot tip: make sure you have a beer or two with you.

As for other merch, the Wacken online Full Metal Shop has you cov­ered for a pretty bizarre range of items. Let’s have a look, shall we?


Cof­fee Mug

Just the thing for your full metal cuppa. I can actu­ally see myself using some­thing like this (although not drag­ging it home from Ger­many in my luggage.

EUR 9.99



Flip Flops

Or, as we pre­fer to call them, thongs. Ques­tion is, can the Ger­mans be trusted to make cheap thongs with the same pre­ci­sion as the Aussies? Mind you they prob­a­bly all come out of the same fac­tory in China.

EUR 11.99



Gold Vibra­tor

Wacken Power?

Um… yes.

EUR 19.99

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Operation: Croissant and Operation: Chocolate


Last Sat­ur­day night at Casa Goat­beast: an intense meal of Goat­lady spe­cialty chili, fol­lowed by an intense Blitzkrieg plan­ning ses­sion, fol­lowed by an absolutely satanic choco­late berry baked cheese­cake, cour­tesy of the Full Metal Camp­ground Chef Vagrant and his lovely lady.

The end result? Some very full bel­lies and a tour diver­sion: after Party.San, we spend one night in Stuttgart, cross the bor­der into France to stay one night in Stras­bourg, then over to Switzer­land, for a night in Zurich, before head­ing back into Deutsch­land for Sum­mer Breeze. In ten min­utes we man­aged to dou­ble the num­ber of coun­tries we will be visiting.

Three coun­tries in three days is a tad intense, but we’re a dis­cern­ing lot and the prospect of the diver­sion of French pas­try and Swiss choco­late before head­ing back for more Ger­man beer is very appeal­ing. Oper­a­tion: Crois­sant will be accom­pa­nied by the sooth­ing sounds of Gojira, while Oper­a­tion: Chocolate’s sound­track will fea­ture the unholy Fis­cher trin­ity of Hell­ham­mer, Celtic Frost and Triptykon.

Help us out: what must-see and must-do things are there near these spots?

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Wacken running order mass excitement

yes, we're grinning too

60 days out from when the Blitzkrieg Tour leaves Aus­tralia, the Wacken run­ning order and timetabling tool has been released.

With much trep­i­da­tion we checked off the bands we absolutely had to see and saw what it spat out. For me per­son­ally, it was not bad at all. Small dis­ap­point­ments are inevitable, but for­tu­nately many of the bands we’ll miss in clashes are play­ing at Sum­mer  Breeze too – 1349 (clash with Slayer), Unleashed (clash with Cru­ci­fied Bar­bara), Sui­ci­dal Angels (clash with Orphaned Land), and Despised Icon (clash with Soulfly). We’ll need to miss either Can­dle­mass or Immor­tal, and Enstille are unfor­tu­nately play­ing the same slot as Voivod and also Evile.

How­ever, there’s noth­ing in there I need to throw myself over a cliff about. Yay! Until I see the Sum­mer Breeze run­ning order, that is…

Gojira over­laps Iron Maiden, but that doesn’t bother me… I wasn’t both­ered about see­ing Maiden any­way. Fear Factory’s slot is right where we hoped it would be – where is absolutely should be — in the mid­dle of the night! That is going to be one killer set.

Kay’s Wacken Run­ning Order of Awesomeness:




Band Stage

16:00 — 16:45

Sky­line (+guests: Doro, U.D.O. etc)

Black Stage

17:30 — 19:00

Alice Cooper

True Metal Stage

19:30 — 21:00

Möt­ley Crüe

Black Stage

23:00 — 23:45


W.E.T. Stage


13:00 — 14:00

Orphaned Land

Black Stage

14:15 — 15:15

Il Nino

True Metal Stage

18:00 — 19:00


Black Stage

18:00 — 19:00


Party Stage

18:25 — 18:55


W.E.T. Stage

20:30 — 21:30

Arch Enemy

Black Stage

21:45 — 23:00

Grave Dig­ger

True Metal Stage

23:15 — 00:30


Black Stage



14:45 — 15:15

Cru­ci­fied Barbara

W.E.T. Stage

15:45 — 16:45


True Metal Stage

18:15 — 19:15


True Metal Stage

19:30 — 20:30

Can­ni­bal Corpse

Black Stage

22:00 — 23:00


Black Stage

22:00 — 23:00


Party Stage

22:45 — 23:15

Rot­ting Christ

W.E.T. Stage

23:15 — 00:15


True Metal Stage

00:30 — 01:30

Fear Fac­tory

Black Stage

01:45 — 03:00


True Metal Stage

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A Whole Lotta Beer


Stu and some ran­doms at the Ham­burg Ball­room prior to Wacken 2008

Beer and metal go together like… err… well they go together well. A fair amount of it is con­sumed at metal fes­ti­vals, or so I’ve heard.

A lit­tle while ago some of the Metal As Fuck team got together and built One Mil­lion Beers For Metal, a blog and Flickr group to try and doc­u­ment no fewer than one mil­lion beers being drunk in the name of metal. Any­one can sub­mit pho­tos and we post ‘em up and keep a tally.

We have a long way to go – we’re not even up to 1% of the way so far — but I’m guess­ing the Blitzkrieg tour will get us well on the way. Bot­toms up!

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Currency exchange rates

money money money

If you graphed my gen­eral mood over time the last few weeks, no doubt the line would mir­ror a sim­i­lar graph of the cur­rency exchange rate, Aus­tralian dol­lar to Euro. Sad but true, the amount of fun we can have on Blitzkrieg Tour 2010 largely depends on how much beer our measly Aus­tralian pesos can buy.

Last week were on a high – the Euro had tanked against the Aussie dol­lar, no doubt due in part to the prob­lems with Greece’s econ­omy and the sus­pi­cions that Spain and Por­tu­gal were likely to fol­low them into bank­ruptcy. 1 Aus­tralian dol­lar was buy­ing 71 Euro cents, at its highest.

Then our idiot gov­ern­ment decided to tax the hell out of min­ing com­pa­nies and the Aussie dol­lar took a mas­sive slide to it’s low­est point in 10 months. 1 Aussie peso is now worth a measly 65 cents. Thanks guys. It might not sound like much but over the course of hun­dreds of dol­lars it really starts to add up.

Here’s hop­ing things sta­bilise a lit­tle in the next few weeks so we don’t end up bored and sober! There’s 70 days to go…

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