AirbourneOkay, okay, I know I just wrote a post, but I was look­ing through the band list and noticed there was one more logo than usual(last time I checked the columns were even). After work­ing from the bot­tom of the list back up, I finally for to the top and saw that Air­bourne have been announced. For those not famil­iar, these boys are the clos­est thing to pub rock we have left. They had toured with my liege, Lemmy Kilmis­ter and Motor­head but went back to do US shows and didn’t make the Perth gig, which I was pretty annoyed at. Their debut album Run­nin Wild was released in Oz last year and after hear­ing 1 song(I have no idea where) I grabbed a copy. It has got­ten kick­ass reviews every­where I have looked and I’m unbe­liev­ably excited not only that an Aus­tralian band will be there on a big stage, and that it’s not Pow­derfin­ger or Silverchair.

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  1. Rob Rockitt says:

    Air­bourne is def­i­nitely a rea­son to be excited. There are few peo­ple who fre­quent the Hard Rock Hide­out forum who have caught them live. Every­one has given their high energy show high marks.

    I am plan­ning to see them twice in the next two months. I can’t wait!

    Enjoy Wacken! I am sure it will rock!

    Rob Rockitt
    Hard Rock Hide­out