Good news thrash fans, the leg­endary Anthrax are now on the Wacken bill. This is the sort of news I was look­ing for­ward to… a few more like that please!

PS: Gojira

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3 Responses to Bio-warfare

  1. Metal­lica was my first love, but I did like me some Anthrax.

    And if you tell any­one I was a Metal Chick I will have to hurt you 😉

    • metalbeast says:

      Good thing there is no evi­dence then 🙂

    • goatlady says:

      Haha Kel­ley that’s awe­some. I have deep seated psy­cho­log­i­cal issues caused by Metal­lica. I should sue them for metal dis­tress caused by them cut­ting off their hair and releas­ing a series of increas­ingly crap albums. Know­ing the legal sys­tem I would prob­a­bly win 🙂

      At least you weren’t a damn emo, hey?